Corporal punishment in schools

I remember my schooling days when there used to be one strict teacher that all used to be afraid of. Just one sight of him, and you could literally listen to the sound of falling pin. Debate over pros and cons of Corporal punishment in schools started to surface during my schooling days and back then most of the teachers were forced to overcome that form of punishment. But still, some teachers couldn’t just resist the urge to provide bodily pain after watching the mischief of students. Today, pros and cons of Corporal punishment in schools is less of a debate and has been termed “illegal” by many governments the world over and any teacher undertaking such practices would be eligible for punishment by law. But still in some countries like Singaporecorporal punishment in schools is legal (it is legal for boys in Singapore) to induce discipline in students.But was it and is it necessary to stop corporal punishment in schools? Is it necessary to strike a student hard on the hands if he is not even matured enough to understand the consequences of mischief he just did? Well, my thoughts are on the contrary mark. To me, corporal punishment in schools is an act of violence and against the human rights. And what am I to talk of Human rights, if the student on whom the punishment is used is not even aware of them? People advocating corporal punishment in schools might say that this form of punishment will help the students differentiate between right and wrong or in other words will help make a more civilized person. Really? If you beat a young child, he might understand that you are angry on something, he can understand that you are displeased but will he be able to understand why? Can any debate onpros and cons of corporal punishment in schools justify this thought?corporal-punishment1

If you beat a child up, he can only fear you, he can never respect you! Respect is always earned, you can’t enforce it. Apart from many  thatcorporal punishment in schools causes in the mind of students, it hampers their creativity. Yes, a student who is not free to think can never come up with new ideas and thoughts. Instead, I personally feel that corporal punishment trigger a sense of revolt and revenge in the minds of students. To all these cons among pros and cons of corporal punishment in schools put forward, all that a person advocating corporal punishment would have to say is it induces discipline and I can’t even think of agreeing with that thought too!

More than positive effects, Corporal punishment in schools can be associated with negative effects. Here I am discussing some bad sides that have come along with Corporal Punishment and then it is on you to decide your take on pros and cons of corporal punishment in schools:

  • Spanking is one of form of corporal punishment in schools. This has led to sexual abuse among students who don’t even
    Spanking - a form of corporal punishment in schools

    understand the very meaning of the two words. This can lead to severe psychological effect in students and can even shape their views about sexuality. This is so because in some cases, the pain due to spanking often gets mixed with sexual pleasure leading to a state of confusion in child’s mind.

  • Corporal Punishment is a clear indication of the inability of teacher to control the students. Most teachers understand this and this can be a clear reason why some teachers overdo the punishment leading to severe injuries in the children that can even get them to hospital in rare cases.
  • As discussed earlier in my article on pros and cons of corporal punishment in schools, it affects students psychologically that can also result in students making suicides due to depression.
  • Last but not the least, it has also been seen that few teachers also adopt this technique of punishment just to get over any mental tension that they have been suffering from. In other words, they simply spit out their problem on children.

One may provide different pros and cons of corporal punishment in schools.But no matter what one says, I believe corporal punishment should be banned and the reasons are very obvious to me. Violence can never provide fruitful results, they can only cause devastation. Gandhiji, a known face to the world was against violence even in the war of independence, so why adopt it for dealing with small mischief of students? I do hope that all distracted students out here, after going through the pros and cons of corporal punishment in schools will agree with me that they should be clearly banned.

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