Top Dubstep Songs

An overwhelming bass line, some brilliantly done drum and percussion pattern, an electro-funk mix and a sprinkle of vocals, here and there and you have a great track, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s called dubstep. Ruling the charts and grabbing the world like a fever, this genre of music is the “in thing”. Be it clubs, pubs, concerts or parties in your school or college dorm, top dubstep songs are a MUST feature.

It all began in 1998, with ZED BIAS doing the honors to introduce mankind to this head banging yet soothing sound and ever since its popularity has grown more and more. Here we give you the 5 top dubstep songs list that must feature in your iPod:

5. Skrillex and THE DOORS – BREAKN’ A SWEAT – Yes you read it right, THE DOORS are back and back with Skrillex. This is my newest addition to my 5 top dubstep songs list and it has never stopped me grooving to it ever since. The song has brilliant electro house, progressive house and a maestro’s bass line. I am playing this at all my parties with the people going crazy for it.  Skrillex and the remaining members of the DOORS do the chants and with Skrillex’s beats it is as they call it “KICK-ASS”.


USP- JIM MORRISON’s interview vocal sample, oh how I crave for that voice.

4. Mt EDEN – STILL ALIVE – This is one of the best track that Mt EDEN has ever produced. The songs starts off slowly with some really cool vocals and when you just start to think, this is only a normal dubstep song and not one of any 5 top dubstep songs list, Mt EDEN drop in their shit. The electro funk bits take over, vocals go to the back and all you can do is sway. Watch out for the last 1.30 min of the song, it is what I call “PURE GENIUS”.


top dubstep songs list, Mt EDEN


USP –  THE MIXING AT 3.47, it is amazingly awesome!!!

3. Skream – WHERE YOU SHOULD BE – They call them the Godfather of dubstep and there is a reason for it and WHERE SHOULD IT BE just tells you why. Interesting beats, cool vocals and a great bass line powered with electronic mix gets you grooving. Not only is it a brilliant song like other 5 top dubstep songs but also a great party track. Skream comes out to show us its best, and the mixed vocals at the 3.30 to 4 min mark along with the scratch that follows simply gets my mood up. A must have on your iPod, ALWAYS!!!!


Where it should be - 5 top dustep songs list



2. Mt EDEN – SIERRA LEONE – Mt EDEN comes back to take the second spot with their track SIERRA LEONE. The best thing about this one of the top dubstep songs list is that it is just so simple and catchy that the beat will literally keep playing in your head even after you have stopped listening to the track. The vocals as part of chant are present almost throughout the song with the percussion and electro mix getting you high enough to give you an orgasm!!! Mt EDEN uses a woman’s voice in the track as a whisper which is “marvelously sublime”. A must play to get the girls tipsy in a party!!!


sierra_leone_mt_eden top dubstep songs



1. Infected Mushroom – HEAVYWEIGHT – This is one dubstep song I wished my dad would have played when I was born and this would be a song I’ll like to be played at my funeral. There is not a beat that goes wrong in this track. The song starts over with fast electro beats and a SAROD playing in the background and when you just start to get in the groove, comes in the bass to get your heard spinning. The funk and the metal crunch that this track provides is simply nerve wrecking and mind blogging. The best part of this dubstep song is the last 3 minutes with the track making your hairs stand on their end and giving you the Goosebumps. Watch out for the monkey-chant at the last it will make you stand up and give INFECTED MUSHROOM a standing ovation. A tip – Get high, close all the lights and then listen to this track, you’ll thank me for this, I Bet!!!!!






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