Where have all the flowers gone?

Where have all the flowers gone. Well it’s definitely winter.

The cold snap is here and it’s hard to get out to exercise. So, I plan on joining a gym to keep up my momentum.

Here’s the top three tips I think have best helped me over the years when it comes to starting and  keeping up the routine:

1. Make a Routine– The fitness regimen ought to be so ingrained that it will become a routine. This makes it so a specific time of day or place automatically cues you into getting your routine in.  If your training times are completely arbitrary, it will be more difficult to help utilize easy of a routine.

2. Commit to 30 days – Come up with a resolve to go everyday (even just for 20 minutes) for thirty days. This will solidify the workout habit.

3. Don’t Break the Habit – The least difficult approach to keep things set is basically not to stop. Stay away from long breaks in practicing or restarting the routine will require some effort.

And if you need to see some flower, take a look at these awesome paintings of flowers.


Getting Back in Shape

I’m doing it. I’m resolved to get back into shape. I use to play tennis all the time but my back got tweaked and I stopped. I slowly turned into a couch potato but now I’m reversing that. I found this article about getting rid of back pain, and I’m using the stretches from this page. Also I my chiropractor friends was telling me that it’s all about walking. Walking a good amount everyday is the best thing you can do. So I’ll give that a try. If you have any tips let me know. And if your down for some tennis on a few months (or maybe when it gets warm again ;) let me know.



Great article on artistsinspireartists.com on my favorite type of paintings: abstract art. They have ranked the top ten famous abstract artists. Check it out and lets us know of you agree or not… Abstraction might be the culmination of art . Any artistic representation is some sort of abstraction of reality. So with pure abstraction you’re just fully breaking the links between the artwork and the real world. (They also did a cool one on flower paintings)

 abstract artists




A man with a chubby body and face, a fatherly look or in short not a Prince charming of a girl’s dream; does not look like it’s a definition of a mainstream Hollywood actor. But going against this very definition and contradicting all the “qualification” that we viewers have set for a HERO, is Russell Crowe. This man stands tall in defiance to the public anticipation of an actor. And if you think it affects him, well hold on your thoughts, he is the man who changes perception. There wouldn’t be any living entity that watches movies and does not appreciate this actor for his avant garde acting skills in any movie from the Russell Crowe movies list.

Watching best Russell Crowe movies is an experience, a feel that you carry with yourself even after the movie is over, a feel to replicate a man that had been showcased by this legend. This is his charisma; his acting has the power of captivating one’s mind. And it is his acting skills in any of his movie from Russell Crowe movies list that choosing 5 top Russell Crowe movies is no easy a task for me. But still, I take an attempt within my sphere of wisdom and present you with my list of 5 top Russell Crowe movies that make me go lunatic in love with it:

5. Cindrella Man – This Russell Crowe Movie starts with a quote from sportswriter Damon Runyon:

In all the history of the boxing game you find no human interest story to compare with the life narrative of James J. Braddock…

And it strikes harder than a sword straight to your heart, a feeling similar to what nostalgia feels like. This movie from my 5 top Russell Crowe movies list is based around the life of heavy weight boxing champion James Braddock, this is a movie that can inspire you and really make you feel that nothing is impossible in this world that always tries to suppress you down. All you need to do is stand back and fight.




4. Robin Hood – Before this Russell Crowe movie was released, I was expecting to see the Robin Hood we all know, the protector of poor and a nightmare for the riches. But, I was pretty surprised to find out that the movie was actually set before Robin Hood became a thief in the Sherwood Forest, it was the untold story of how this man became a legend. It is one of Russell Crowe best movies that is packed with actions, good acting and a brilliantly carved storyline. And whenever I heard Russell Crowe saying “Rise and Rise again until Lambs become Lions”, I could actually feel a flow of inspiration in my blood. Do watch this No. 4 in the 5 top Russell Crowe movies list if you are looking for a complete entertainment package.


3. A Beautiful Mind – A very emotional movie of a prodigy who starts having delusions that leads to trouble for his wife and kids. Based on a true story, I always watch this Russell Crowe movie whenever I feel low. Near the ending of the movie where his fellow professors place their pen on the table as veneration to John Nash (the leading character that Russell Crowe plays) is a scene that puts a smile on my face in my lowest of times. Personally, I think Russell Crowe has acted his best in this movie among any other 5 top Russell Crowe movies that I have listed and I am going to cherish his acting in this movie and this movie on a whole too for a long time that is to come in my life!


2. American Gangster – I was shocked when I found out that this Russell Crowe movie is based on true story. Before I pay my reverence to Russell Crowe for his acting in the movie, I always admire the person on whom the movie is based. Number two on my 5 top Russell Crowe movies list, it is a great movie that digs deep into the world of drugs and displays pure reality of how this black business started ruining America from its core. The bondage that forms between Russell Crowe and the man playing the bad side near the end is really something that evokes a feeling of exuberance inside you. An all time favorite Russell Crowe movie of mine!



1. Gladiator – Number one in my 5 top Russell Crowe movies list is “Gladiator”. This movie also comes in my list of top 5 movies ever made. From tip to toe, I can’t find a single flaw in this Russell Crowe movie or a single reason to not fall in love with it. Talk of the award shows or heart of people, this movie did create a special place for itself everywhere. The movie displays an awestrucking story of how a Gladiator gets stronger than the Emperor in the Roman Empire. The shout of “Maximus, Maximus, Maximus!!!” in the arena does force me to believe that I am the one watching the fight from the Colosseum and no matter if I am watching the movie for hundredth time “I always remain standing on my toes!”. The words “There was a dream that was Rome.. It shall be realized…”, said by Russell Crowe while he was dying with the background music plays magic, my heart cried with agony and pain, the kind of pain that I can’t explain. It is one of Russell Crowe best movies that I always watch even if my cursor just comes pointing to it on the computer screen and it certainly deserves to be number one in my 5 top Russell Crowe movies list.. All I want to say about it is:

Is Rome worth one good man’s life? I believed it after I watched this movie…






TV sitcoms are a great past time for all the college going studious and distracted students today. They make them laugh, have fun and provide an escape from hectic college life. And not to mention, it is one very cheap mode of entertainment too. All you have to do is simply download the season of TV show you are looking for and play it on your laptop. And Fun Begins!

FriendsHow I met your mother and Friends are two shows which are hot favorite among teens today. But it has been an age old discussion that which one is better. Well both HIMYM and Friends have their own qualities, similarities and dissimilarities.  Now, if it’s the competition of How I Met Your Mother vs Friends, then it’s indeed going to be a tough one. And the reasons are obvious.

Now let’s start the comparison of How I Met Your Mother and Friends to get a better insight into which one better in this face off. First of all, we are going to look at the similarities that the two shows have. Both of them are based on a group of friends and all of them live in New York. Yes, both of the TV shows are based in the same city. Also the group of friends has a hangout place where they all meet in both HIMYM and Friends, they have their drinks there and take out time to talk with each other.

Setofcentralperk1In case ofHow I Met Your Mother, the hangout place is Mc Larens Bar whereas in case of Friends, it is the Central Perk. Apart from these very easily noticeable similarities, the two shows share even more things in common.

Many believe that How I Met Your Mother has been inspired from Friends itself which was started in 1994 and became a critical as well as commercial success. Now, so the similarities between HIMYM and Friends shouldn’t be much of a surprise. If looked carefully, one would find that both the TV series have a cool guy and a nerd guy. The cool guy in Friends is Joey and in How I Met Your Mother, it’s the favorite of all Barney Stinson. The nerdy guy is also not difficult to guess if you ever watched a single episode of the two TV shows. Couples also seem to be similar in How I Met Your Mother and Friends, like “Lily and Marshal” can be said to be loosely based on that of “Monica and Chandler”.



Let’s look at the main characters of How I Met Your Mother and Friends itself. Well, we can’t really doubt that it is Ted in HIMYM. Ted is reserved, kind hearted, thinks good about girls, organized etc etc. Didn’t you find the similarity? Well, it’s exactly like Ross of Friends. Also the relationship of “Ross and Rachel” and “Ted and Robin” is very similar in nature. And this way, I can just keep talking about the similarities of the two shows but it would be all to just prove the fact that no matter how much you love HIMYM, it is inspired from Friends and the fact is clear like water. The biggest difference that I feel between How I Met Your Mother and Friends is the narration of story. Friends is shown from the perspective of a third person while in HIMYM, the whole story is narrated by Ted to his kids in future. This narration starts from How I Met Your Mother season 1 episode 1, where Ted starts with the story where he met Robin. Also I personally feel that Friends all seasons and episodes are equivalently exciting, I mean they maintain the same tempo. But for HIMYM, my thoughts are different. The show seems to be very exciting at times and starts to feel a bit slow sometimes especially in the middle of a season. And you too can feel this if you go through full episodes of How I Met Your mother in a season at one go.

Now, enough comparisons, it’s time to talk something decisive, something that can tell who the winner is between Friends and How I Met Your Mother.Friends was aired basically a while ago and we grew up watching them. How I Met Your Mother is a more recent sensation and therefore seemsto be more modern today. This is why I think I am able to connect more with it as my other friends I know. Second, if I am made to choose between Joey and Barney, it’s always going to be Barney Stinson and he is the real charm of the show. You can’t just stop yourself from loving him. He earns it and he deserves it. I personally also find HIMYM to be more creative and with stuffs like “Playbook”, it really makes you think “How do they think of such things man?”.  I am not some big critic, but I do feel thatHow I Met Your Mother is better than Friends for all these little things. It is certainly inspired from Friends but all great things are inspired from somewhere, aren’t they?

Barney_Stinson how i met your mother


How I Met Your Mother and Friends are both great shows, one cannot argue on that. And I don’t even think that one can say which one is better. It is all on the concerned person that which one pleases him more. But for me, it is How I Met Your Mother. I can watch full episodes of How I Met Your Mother in a go without even blinking my eyes (quite not literally!). I started loving it since I first watched How I Met Your Mother season 1 episode 1and I can still watch any episode of the series for even the hundredth time and still smile and laugh at the jokes of Barney Stinson. For me it is my personal favorite in the competition of How I Met Your Mother vs Friends. And it does not mean that I don’t love Friends, its just that I love HIMYM a bit more!!



beatbox beat techniques


Basic Beatbox Techniques


 is probably the easiest form of creating music that you can learn given the fact that you adhere to practice as much as you can and keep that creative mind of yours out to think of beatbox beats which are way out of league. WikiHow says that “beatboxing is not very different from general human speech”, yes indeed; only one has to make sure that he pronounces certain words, letters and vowels in a particular manner so as to build a rhythmic patternthat complements your track. Here are certain tips to “beat the box”:


The most basic factor while learning beatboxing is to control your breath in the proper manner. Since, you have to go on mixing your beats it’s absolutely essential that you use your energy and breath in the most sustainable way possible, so that you have your breath left with you when you need to kick in thepunching beats and release the snares. Generally, the breath is conserved in execution of kick drums and released after executing hi-hats or snares, because after pulling off these beatbox beats, you get a time frame to breathe back and get reenergized.

Next up we explain the different basic beatbox beats that you must master at the beginner level.

The classic kick drum involves making a beat of the letter “b”, this is a very fundamental and basic beatboxing beat that you will be using in most of your tracks. Here are three simple steps to get the classic kick drum absolutely on target.

  1. Make the b sound as when you are saying the word buffalo. Repeat it over and over again.
  2. Once you are absolutely comfortable with making the kick drum beat, try doing it with your lips close, this enables the vocal chords to build a pressure and make the beat crisper and punchier.
  3. Master the release or opening of your lips just for a short time so as to let the beat vibrate only for a short time, this will help you drop the beat and quickly shift over to some other beat.
  5. The next beatbox beat that must be up your sleeve is the hi-hat, it’s again a basic beatbox beat and involves the proper use of your tongue and teeth. A hi-hat sound enables you to step up the tempo and mix your track up.
      1. With your teeth closed, make a very simple “ts” sound.
      2. While you are at it, move the tip of your tongue behind your teeth and then back again.
      3. Then give an open “ts” beat i.e. after moving the tip backwards, simply make the “ts” sound again.
      4. Follow this with a ”t” sound with your teeth closed, Move the tip of your tongue forward behind your front teeth for a thin hat sound and to the traditional t position for a heavy hat sound.


    The classic snare drum is the easiest of the basic beatbox beats to learn. This adds the bass factor to your track and makes it peppy with the snare adding the desired effect.  Here is a guide as to how to execute the perfect classic snare drum:

        1. Say the letter “p” but add certain variations to it such as make a lip oscillation, under this you push out the air out of your lips while making the “p” sound, this adds the bass factor.
        2. Another way is to release your breath while making the “ph” sound, this gives a slow beat with a lower tempo.
        3. Generally, beatboxers add another syllable to the original “p” sound to make the sound more interesting and unique such as: ps, pt, pk, ph etc.

    where you use your creativity and make music, there are no hard and fast rules, you simply use your own creativity and make great tracks.

    Beatbox Techniques are cool once you master them. These basic beatbox beats build a foundation for your higher learning of beatboxing and you absolutely need to do them accurately in order to proceed. And the only way to do that is “Keep PRACTICING your beats.”